Supporting Students with Disabilities

More than 20% of the 1,094,138 students in the NYC school system are classified as having a disability. Of those, more than 24,000 are enrolled in NYC DOE District 75, which provides highly specialized instructional support for students with multiple or severe disabilities. We believe everyone deserves the chance to engage with the arts, and we are committed to making our programs accessible to every student, regardless of ability.

Abstract Art

Marquis Studios’ artistic vision is founded on making the arts not just available, but inclusive and welcoming to all students. Approximately 30% of our program participants are students with disabilities, including more than 10% in District 75. Our programs provide engaging, and enriching arts learning experiences that incorporate Universal Design for Learning strategies to support all types of learners. Each residency includes pre-planning meetings with school personnel to determine the unique needs of each class and TAs provide differentiated instruction, including multiple learning modalities and physical/sensory accommodations to ensure that each student is able to participate fully.

“My students are classified with multiple disabilities and don't have the opportunity to be exposed to many opportunities like other students in general education their age. Marquis Studios has provided such great programs for our children. They get so excited to see the teaching artist because they know they are going to have fun playing the drums. They
look forward to Thursdays with him. He is very patient and you can tell he loves what he does. The days they have drums, they have the best day out of the week.

Special Education Teacher, P10X

We have long been at the forefront of inclusive arts education. Our work with students with disabilities is regularly presented at local and national conferences, including those hosted by The Kennedy Center’s Office of VSA and Accessibility, the Arts for All Abilities Consortium, and the New York City Arts-in-Education Roundtable. Since 2007, Marquis Studios has led the nationally-recognized TATI program providing in-depth training for arts educators working with students with disabilities.