In partnership with NYC schools, we provide programming in Visual Arts, Music, Theater, Dance and Media Arts.

Marquis Studios programs engage and empower young creative artists of all abilities; develop critical thinking skills and social emotional learning; and expand arts literacy through cultural and community connections highlighting marginalized voices.

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Visual Arts

Visual arts at Marquis Studios encompasses a variety of 2D and 3D art forms. Students learn about color, line, texture and composition through experimentation and visual literacy. Students explore the elements of art and draw inspiration from their imagination and the world around them.


Students explore the creative process of music- making through collaboration. Our music programs introduce students to the complexity of rhythm, tempo, and reading musical notations through instruction in percussion, singing, and listening.


Theater programs develop social emotional skills, build critical thinking, and cultivate creative expression and imagination. There are multiple means of expression through theater some of which may be playwriting, acting, or directing. Students learn to use their minds, bodies, voices, emotions, and sense of artistry to examine the world and its meaning.


Through dance, students build strength, self- awareness, and artistic expression. Dance develops focus, collaboration, and rhythmic expression. Students learn to use the power of dance to communicate ideas and build connections.

Media Arts

Media Arts programs develop students’ creative voice through a digital artistic medium. Using their imagination and observing their environment, students develop skills in visual storytelling. Students build connections to self, community, and other art forms using technology. Students also build skills and some technological proficiency in specific programs.

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