Marquis Studios offers a wide range of inclusive, engaging and enriching programs including school residencies, family workshops and professional development for educators


All Marquis Studios programs are based on four principles that enable us to provide meaningful impact for students:

Arts Pedagogy

Marquis programs expose students to a range of innovative hands-on artmaking experiences, from Circus Arts to Filmmaking to Taiko Drumming. Programs are driven by student exploration, encouraging students to experiment with different materials and processes to help them discover their own voice. All programs are led by trained Teaching Artists with extensive experience in their discipline.

Culturally Responsive Education

Marquis residencies use the arts to celebrate the rich diversity found in our world, whether it’s by introducing students to artforms from around the globe or focusing on the cultural diversity present in our own communities. We employ a student-led approach that creates opportunities for students to reflect on and share their own experiences, building deeper, authentic connections to the material they study.

Academic Learning

We work closely with teachers to integrate arts learning with classroom curriculum, creating new pathways for students to explore academic subjects. Our residencies align with standards in ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies, while providing creative opportunities for students to engage in critical thinking and problem solving.

Social Emotional Learning

Our programs help students learn more about themselves, and provide a vital outlet for self-expression. Through artmaking, students tap into their emotions, developing self-awareness and building self-confidence to share their ideas. Through group discussions and collaborative work, programs encourage students to participate in the social and interactive elements of art.

Teaching the arts: an interest for every child!

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