Meet Our Newest Board Member

As we start off 2024, Marquis Studios is thrilled to announce the appointment of Pat Moger and Danielle Klemow Young to our Board of Directors. Pat and Danielle bring years of experience and insight in the worlds of art, business and finance, as well as the strong belief that the arts are vital to every students' education. We look forward to working with Pat and Danielle to help further Marquis Studios mission and bring the arts to more NYC students in 2024.

Pat Moger is a native New Yorker, born and raised in Manhattan. In the early 1960's her mother opened a prominent art gallery in NYC, featuring some of the most successful artists, such as Alex Katz, Jane Wilson, Jane Freilicher, and Elaine DeKooning. Pat went to grade school in Manhattan and then onto Skidmore College majoring in business and economics, followed by Columbia University for her MBA. After Columbia, Pat started working for one of the largest trading companies in the world, which designed, sourced and sold clothing to retailers like Target, Walmart, Anthropologie and more. As an Executive Vice President, she was responsible for over $100 million in sales. The highlights of her career enabled Pat to travel the world, from St. Tropez to New Delhi, researching evolving trends.

Pat retired in 2022 after 44 incredible years in the industry. Now time allows her to pursue other interests in the world of art, pickleball, photography and gardening. Pat's husband, Scott Moger, was a trustee with The New York Academy of Art, and they now dedicate much of their time to working with emerging artists to help guide them through the next stages of their career, networking with galleries and artist residencies such as Fountainhead Arts in Miami. Pat has a son as well as two grandchildren in high school, who share her passion for the visual arts.